CEQI - CEDH Workshop

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Methodological Advances in Fiscal Incidence Analysis

and Applications to Argentina


Launching of the CEQI-CEDH Fiscal Equity Policy Lab




MORNING                                                                                                                     Thursday NOVEMBER 28

Session 1:

Carlos Grushka on the Redistributiveness of the Pension System

José Fanelli and Ramiro Albrieu on Fiscal Redistribution, Sustainability, and Demography in Latin America

Session 2: 

Sergei Soares on the Market Value of Public Education

Jeremy Barofsky (vía skype) on the Effect of Government Health Expenditure on Income Distribution



Brainstorming Session on Agenda 2020-2021 of the CEQI-CEDH Fiscal Equity Policy Lab Argentina

  • Lucia Echeverria on Intra-household
  • Maria Emma Santos on Multidimensional
  • Eugenia Orlicki (with Cecilia Adrogué) on Education
  • Gabriel Filc con Public Investment
  • Other topics
    • Intertemporal incidence
    • Inflation
    • Subnational CEQs


MORNING                                                                                                                     Friday NOVEMBER 29

On the Impact of Taxes and Expeditures on Poverty and Income Distribution in Argentina for 2017.




 Nora Lustig,  Cecilia Adrogué, Guillermo Cruces, María Edo, Daniel Heymann, Jorge Paz, Rafael Rofman, Dario Rossignolo, Federico Sturzenegger, Mariano Tommasi.